Bellamy and clarke fanfiction protective

Feeling something Strange inside me, whenever I see Clarke look at Finn was something I was getting use to; but at the same time these emotions made me question my judgment. What the hell is going on with me, I am Bellamy Blake. I could get any girl out of the 50 girls that came down to make thewell the 47, because Raven is not my type, Clarke is impossible and of course Octavia is my sister.

bellamy and clarke fanfiction protective

But Clarke, uh she makes me question everything, a few days ago I couldn't stand her but she is just so different, Brave yet Naive, Intelligent yet selfless.

She is just a question mark for me, I can't help but wonder, how can one possibly be so many things all at once but then my better judgment would kick and I would realize that me and Clarke could never work, but I just couldn't get my eyes off her every time she was around, couldn't help myself care for her when she was not around.

I never cared for any girl like this before, well except Octavia. I've had many affairs, even relationships but the never have any of those flings that make you feel like everything is going to be all right.

With just a one look of assurance, she had the power to make me listen and act upon things I would never imagine doing, which is why I hate her as much as I…. Bellamy's thoughts were interrupted when Octavia placed a hand on his shoulder, which caused him to look up. Does she know about Clarke is all he could think off.

I just have to find out, who it is" Octavia got up to walk towards where everyone else was seated closer to the bonfire.

bellamy and clarke fanfiction protective

But before she walk towards them she turns to Bellamy " You know I am glad you care about someone besides me now, it divides you're annoying habit of being protective" Octavia walked the circle and took a seat beside Jasper.

I can't believe how things have changed between Finn and me, it's like it never happened. But I cannot blame him, yet I am still mad; regardless he should have told me but lately someone else has been on my mind, and just maybe I have forgiven Finn.

Clarke shrugged her thoughts to look around for Finn and Raven but they were nowhere to be found. He must have taken her to the art supply store. As much as she liked Finn, she was glad raven and Finn were finally coming to terms about his kiss with Clarke.

Suddenly Clarke felt the need to throw up, she run as fast as she could towards the jungle, after a few minutes of puking, she finally wiped the side of her mouth and headed back towards the camp to wash up. What the hell is you're problem" Clarke said pushing Bellamy away, after she collided with him. She walked a little further from Bellamy, he had stopped walking behind her, and she looked around to see if Finn had returned but instead she spotted Octavia sitting with jasper and Monty.

Finn and Raven where still nowhere to be found. After a few minutes Clarke set down behind everyone surrounding the bonfire, resting her back on a tree. I turned to find Bellamy looking right at me; I quickly turned around to avoid eye contact with him. I hate it when he looks at me like that; it makes me feel exposed, like he can see through me, read my mind perhaps. I never understood what his problem is, I have known him for three months now, since our ship landed on earth or perhaps crushed on to earth but for the past twelve weeks, he has gotten more complicated then he first appeared to be, I mean usually you get to know people better and you began to understand them but Bellamy, oh he is just the total opposite.

Clarke's was distracted by a shadow that stood over her; she looked up to find Octavia standing there with a smile. I mean would you have any idea of whom Bellamy would have a thing for?

He is seriously into someone" justifying her brother's behavior. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Bellamy and Clarke fight their feelings for each other, while fighting for The to survive the toxic earth they have landed on. Bellamy Feeling something Strange inside me, whenever I see Clarke look at Finn was something I was getting use to; but at the same time these emotions made me question my judgment.

With just a one look of assurance, she had the power to make me listen and act upon things I would never imagine doing, which is why I hate her as much as I… Bellamy's thoughts were interrupted when Octavia placed a hand on his shoulder, which caused him to look up. Are you okay? And what would that be? Clarke I can't believe how things have changed between Finn and me, it's like it never happened. He followed her. He hasn't been with anyone for nearly 10 weeks now" she said.

A little out of it" she explained to Clarke.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Clarke is 4 the first time she sees Bellamy in a horrifying night when his ex wife Echo kidnaps her to turn her into a child vampire.

Bellamy finds her and rescues her, only to keep watch over her for many years. Bellamy is an 80 year old vamp and he just wants to make sure she is safe until he realizes the feelings he has are no long just keeping her safe when she is a teenager. He leaves her in California to give her the chance to grow up and have a normal life which he knows he can never give her. But what happens when they meet again? Will she recognize him or will she figure it all out, the story of what happened to her that her mother would never share with her.

Let me save your life first, and you could yell at me when we're done. Bellamy doesn't have supernatural powers like his friends, so when he's closer than he's ever been in finding Clarke when she's stuck being experimented on at Polis Mental Institute, he really wished that he did.

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It took everything in him to listen, pausing before he reached her. This fic will deal with tough subjects and may not always be easy to read for some. He wondered about the intrinsic worth of a human being. He wondered if it was something his mental and physical scarring had cost him. Now, there was an inconceivably vast, renewable store of fresh air, but he felt like more of a waste of it than ever. Or, the one where the torture Murphy undergoes at the hands of the grounders is far, far worse and he finds himself having to adjust to living on an Earth he can no longer see.

Clarke Griffin meets a young, charming Bellamy Blake through mutual friends, a chipper, 'match-maker' of a sister; but he doesn't know what everyone else knows. What happened a year ago, what a strong, brutal, rich, big-headed boy named Finn Collins put her through. And when she suddenly is forced to be with both of them in the span of a week, what will Bellamy find out?

What will he do to Finn?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words In reality, she was burning up inside, suddenly grateful that her blood type stopped her from blushing. Bellamy paused for a moment, opening and closing his mouth as if to say something, the words on the tip of his tongue. Clarke was given to Finn as a way to make him happy and so Zeus could get Hera back from the trap that he had placed her in.

The marriage wasn't terrible. Clarke thought that she and Finn actually got along really well for the most part, but that's not how their story is told. Aphrodite was a good wife, but Hephaestus was the one who screwed it up.

I'm happily married and have some kind of career, and you're We can't. What we had It ended a long time ago," she decided, and the electricity that had been in the small room before fizzled out.

She nodded and walked over to the door, but before she turned the knob, she hesitated, just for a moment. It was that pause that told him everything he needed to know. Before he could stop himself with any kind of rational thought, he strode over to her, pushed her against the door, and kissed her with everything he had.

They're a ship out to sea in a brewing storm, and while they both know this only ends in disaster, there's no way in hell either one of them is going to stop it. She is back for a visit and all his feelings come rushing back to him. His goal is to be in her life again, even if it is just as friends, she does have a boyfriend after all.

And she never thought she would gain the attention of a millionaire. An au where Bellamy stays behind to find Clarke, after Raven takes the others and the rocket to find refuge on the ring.

Bellamy Blake loves his job at Arkadia's coffee shop and enjoys working with his friends, but has been feeling like his life has turned mundane and is now running on a daily loop - until a certain blonde becomes a regular.

When Clarke finds out that the Ark cannot sustain oxygen past a year, she, along with 3 other experts in their fields, join the prisoners on a mission to Earth, to find out whether it's survivable in the even they can't fix the oxygen systems.

However, one of the other adults with her on the mission betrays her and trades her to a Grounder village. Clarke must figure out where she belongs and who she is as she struggles with what her life looks like now.

She finds that she enjoys the people of her village, but still feels torn between the people who want nothing to do with her anymore, and the people who she finds she wants to be with, including the village's leader, who is annoying and pushes all her buttons, but also has a depth to him that she hadn't expected.

My top 10 Bellamy and Clarke moments s1-s6 - Bellarke -The 100

Two years and a half ago, Bellamy had a car accident. Bellamy forgot the past three years of his life and his girlfriend, Gina, didn't survive. One day, he meets a certain blond girl. Bellamy is convinced they knew each other before, and he's going to find out why everyone, including her, is trying to keep him away from her.

Two years and half ago, Clarke left Arkadia after her best friend, Bellamy, had a car accident and forgot about her. She promised herself she would never come back into his life. But when Clarke sees him again, she's forced to face her demons and her past, as Bellamy tries to understand what really happened before the accident.

Bellamy and Clarke are not exactly friends.For those of you who are concerned, I will not make Clarke pregnant any time soon, maybe if there's an epilogue which hasn't been decided then I might have her become pregnant or something like that, but no Clarke being pregnant is not part of the plot.

Okay, on with the story :.

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Octavia was going to kill someone. Or everyone. All of the groups had returned except Bellamy's. And now she was pacing outside the pod like a lunatic. She couldn't help it. Jasper sighed in exasperation, grabbing her by the waist and hugging her to him. She clasped his shirt in her fist and buried her face in his chest.

She was terrified. Was Clarke okay?

bellamy and clarke fanfiction protective

Was Bellamy okay? What about Jessie and Kent? Octavia's heart pounded in her chest as Jasper held her close. Just as he finished saying that, Clarke and Bellamy burst through the trees, laughing. Around them was the supplies that they got from Mount Weather. Clarke laughed. We lost Jessie and Kent and got a little side-tracked.

She almost smirked, but then Jessie and Kent missing hit her. Clarke shook her head. One second they were behind us and the next they weren't. Bellamy frowned slightly and wrapped a protective arm around Clarke's waist, and she proceeded to nuzzle his neck in comfort. That grounder we had escaped, and he probably knew something about what we were doing.

Octavia felt a shudder run down her spine at the thought of Lincoln.Note: This was only suppose to be a one shot but i kind of left it hanging. If anyone ends up liking this in my dreams maybe i'll post a part two.

A piercing scream echoed through the forest, causing Bellamy and several others nearby to look up from whatever it was they were doing.

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For a moment, it went completely silent and he wondered if he had heard it at all, but when it sounded again, loud enough that he could feel it in his bones, his head whipped around. He spotted his sister almost instantly who met his gaze with a fearful look but when he scanned the crowd searching for one more face, that relief he had felt only seconds ago, vanished.

Within seconds he had broke into a sprint, running toward the direction the screams had come from, silently praying to a God he didn't know if he even believed in. He knew others were following, but none could match his pace. After a few minutes, he stopped running, his heart pounding against his rib cage as he tried to find her.

He hadn't heard her scream since he left the camp ground. His world suddenly felt much smaller, the worse possible outcomes clouding his mind. What if the grounders had taken her? What if she was already dead? He wouldn't let himself go there. She was alive.

She needed to be alive. He needed her to be alive. That's when he noticed something move on the ground, several feet away. He lifted his gun, slowly making his way toward it when he realized it was Clarke.

She was laying on her side and when he swung his gun to rest against his back, he grabbed hold of her arm and turned her over a little. Her hands were grasping at her stomach in an attempt to stop the blood that was already pooling around her.

He was unable to get a good look at her wound but from the amount of blood, he didn't need to to realize just how bad of a shape she was in.

Her eyes widened a little, and before he could even lift her entirely off the ground something hard made impact with his head. He lost his balance for a moment, slightly dazed, though still able to make out Murphy standing a few feet in front of him. He practically pounced, throwing off Murphy's footing and slamming him into the ground.

His hands grabbed hold of his shirt and he made sure to use all his strength in keeping the boy pinned down.Clarke sat down with an exhausted huff and wiped her forehead with the back of her clammy hand. She had just spent the last hour or so disinfecting the entire bottom floor of the drop ship that she used as her sick bay and taking stock of all her supplies that she still had left. They hadn't been on the ground for very long and she was already low on the supplies that were drained by various injuries and the recent virus that had just swept most of the camp.

Her blonde hair was slightly wet with sweat and her chest rose and fell heavily as she tried to catch her breath. Normally, the small task of cleaning her makeshift infirmary wouldn't have so much as winded her, but she had been getting very little sleep recently. She blamed it on her body being stressed to its limit both emotionally and physically. She had just heard from a small group of girls that did most of the gossiping and poking around everyone's business, when they weren't sharing Bellamy's bed, that Raven had ended things with Finn.

A nagging pressure fell heavily on her chest as soon as she heard it, and she recognized it immediately as guilt. She had ended things between her and Finn and quickly shut down any feelings that might have been developing towards him as soon as she had heard that Raven was Finn's girlfriend. She still couldn't help but feel responsible for Raven losing the only family she had left though.

And to add to the mountain of problems she had floating around her head was the sharp pang she felt in her stomach every time she was around Bellamy. She blamed it on her fatigue that must be messing with her thoughts or something, because she was completely finished with any kind of feelings for any of the opposite sex for quite a while after what happened with Finn. But sometimes she would still catch herself watching his muscles ripple through the back of his shirt when he was carrying wood to a fire or the way he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth when he was frustrated about something.

Clarke immediately shook thoughts of Bellamy out of her mind, because she knew exactly how he whipped through girls faster than she could blink her eyes without a thought on his mind besides getting them between his sheets.

She was sure he had made his rounds completely around camp by this point. It was incredibly hard to find girls to train to help her with her medical responsibilities that she hadn't seen leaving or entering Bellamy's tent recently. In fact, the only one she did find was a short, red-headed, sixteen year old girl whose name was Scarlette. Bellamy seemed to prefer his girls tall, slim, and with brown hair cascading down their shoulders.

Nothing like Clarke. Of course, none of that bothered her though. She didn't care what or who Bellamy did. When her eyes started drooping she decided to take a nap on a make-shift hammock in the corner of the room. The soft fabric all of a sudden seemed to call to her from across the room. She dropped herself into it and her eyes fluttered closed.

Sleep immediately claimed her. She was lying in a tent when her eyes blinked open. She was immediately aware that all she was wearing was an oversized T-shirt over her underwear. The second was that she was in a tent that she had only seen the inside of once or twice when she came to its owner to talk about camp business. Bellamy's tent. The last thing she noticed with her eyes widening in shock was that her leg was thrown over someone's waist and her head was lying on the edge of their shoulder.

Her body stiffened immediately as she slowly tipped her head up to look at his face. Bellamy had his head cocked to the side slightly as he looked down at her surprised face.

bellamy and clarke fanfiction protective

She could see that his hair was extremely tousled, as if someone had been gripping it in their fists, and his cheeks were slightly dark as if he had just done something physically draining. As her thoughts came together, Clarke became all too aware of her state of limited dress.

She shook her head to snap herself out of her thoughts. She could feel him tracing circles on her hip with his fingers from the arm he had wrapped around her body in a protective vice. His mouth widened in a smile that stretched his lips wide enough for a strip of teeth to show and lines to crinkle around his eyes that made him look like he thought what she had said was silly. That's what made her realize she was having a dream.I have no idea what i'm doing really.

So i'll only carry it on if people want me too. This is about Bellamy saving Clarke and them both coming to realise that they actually like each other.

Being stuck inside the crappy tent was bad enough, let alone the fact that she had to share it with Finn and Raven. After that night in the bunker, Finn had moved his stuff into Clarke's tent. She was happy about getting to spend more nights with him, until she arrived. As soon and Raven hopped out of that pod and assaulted Finn's face with her lips, Clarke knew whatever had gone on between her and Finn before was over. Since then she'd had to put her feelings aside, she may still be a teenage girl but this was earth and she couldn't get too attached to anyone.

The people she loved seemed to be dropping like flies. Ravens giggle filled the whole tent and Clarke growled under her breath in annoyance. It wouldn't be as bad if she couldn't see their compromising position from the corner of her eye. Clarke hissed as she tried to cover her face with her poor excuse of a pillow to drown the noise out. It was hard to get over Finn when she had to spend so much of her time with him. After this method proved to be ineffective, Clarke grabbed her sketching pad and pencils and huffed as she pushed her way out of the tent.

Clarke needed to get away from them, their happiness together was tearing her up inside. What she thought she had with Finn was just a fling. They both needed someone that night and they just so happened to be there together at the time.

Breathing in deeply, the cool air tickled Clarke's skin like a silky blanket, cooling her anger and allowing her to relax. It wasn't quite dark yet so the soft light from the setting sun cast a perfect glow among the woods that surrounded the camp.

Dashes of reds, oranges and purples filled the crevasses between the canopies creating an almost magical image.

Clarke rubbed the pencils between her thumb and fingers whilst wondering which angle she should capture this moment from. Drawing always made her forget about everything for a while, like her problems flowed out through her hand and onto the page. The silhouettes of the trees against the bright colours from the sunset looked best from a corner near the very edge of the wall the hundred had built around their camp to keep the grounders out.

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Clarke was proud of what they'd accomplished but she knew it wouldn't take much for someone to get through the wall if they wanted to. Even though it wasn't much, the wall provided some sense of safety to her. Finally, she settled on the damp ground next to the wall and began to sketch. The scene in front of her started to appear upon the page and Clarke smiled at the familiar feeling of bliss that accompanied her when she drew.

Suddenly a flock of birds erupted from one of the trees, scattering black dots across the sky. Clarke jumped at the movement, dropping her pencil which then rolled through a gap in the wall. Just has her hand slipped through the gap, more rustling shook from the trees next to the wall. Clarke froze in fear, her hand hovered above the pencil, not wanting to move in case she drew attention to herself but also not wanting to leave the pencil behind.

There weren't many of them and she didn't want to lose one just because she was a little frightened. There was no way she could fight off a grounder, despite how fierce she acted around the rest of the camp. The cool air that had once comforted her earlier now shook her with an icy grasp that torn at her skin making her body shake even more.

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